If you're expecting a baby, congratulations! You may be taking weekly bathroom mirror selfies... But come and create some beautifully lit studio portraits of your pregnancy! They will help you remember this magical time of wonder and expectation and make you feel gorgeous at the same time :-D

If you prefer, we can do the session outside to show off your bump in the context of the seasonal display, or split the session outdoors / studio. Bring your partner, a few changes of clothes, little clothes or toys you already have for your baby, and let's snap up this moment - while you still have the luxury of time!


Having a baby is exhausting, and planning a photoshoot may seem like one item too many on your survival list - yet I promise you it's one of the most important! As every granny peering into your pram will tell you: "They grow up so fast!"

Let me make it easy for you! You don't need to go anywhere for your newborn shoot - I will come and take photos in your own home, so that you and your baby feel as quiet and comfortable as possible, and older siblings can join in if and when they want.

And if your baby is already past the newborn stage - all the more reason to take some photos and immortalise his first smiles or steps!